Lego Augmented Reality

The LEGO Group to boost retail with metaio

Munich, December 2008 – From November, the Danish toy manufacturer will test launch its “DIGITAL BOX” in selected toyshops and LEGO® stores worldwide. This interactive terminal will utilize innovative technology supplied by metaio in the form of a software program specially-developed for the LEGO Group by the Munich-based experts in augmented reality solutions. Together with a camera and display screen, the software lets LEGO packaging reveal its contents fully-assembled within live 3D animated scenes.

In today’s buyers’ market purchase decisions are also driven by the excitement of the customer about the product. This certainly applies to the toy market. Ideally, they want to hold the potential purchase in their hands and look at it closely from all angles. This is however a problem if the product is composed of individual pieces. As with construction toys, for example: even if you opened the box right away, it would be hours before you knew what the toy really looks like.

The DIGITAL BOX from the LEGO Group comes to the rescue. From November, children great and small can hold special LEGO boxes – containing a hydraulic digger or police station, for example – up to an interactive kiosk and watch a 3D animation of the product inside the box –

superimposed on the box. All of this is made possible by metaio’s software, which fuses virtual 3D animations into a live video of the actual product packaging. As a result, buyers can hold both the box and the finished product in their hands. Construction sets are a great match for this technology. Here, metaio’s software not only creates a fascinating technical experience, but

gives retailers a unique selling pitch while helping to inform interested buyers. After all, customers get to see exactly how much fun there is inside! The idea has not been termed “smart packaging” for nothing.

The partnership between metaio and one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world is a truly major milestone in the history of the company. Daniel Gelder, Head of Marketing and Sales at metaio, comments:

“Like any child, I have played with LEGO bricks when I was young. We are delighted and very proud to now be developing software for this company.”

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