DNP Japan and metaio

Developing the first augmented reality iPhone app for the collectible card market

Bandai Co. has launched a campaign for its Data Carddas collectible card game “Data Carddas Supersentai Battle: Dice-O” featuring augmented reality (AR) technology. When iPhone users who install a special reader application scan a game card with their phones, animated combat scenes and TV commercials can be viewed on the iPhone screen. The iPhone application can be downloaded for free from the App Store. With AR technology, images not usually visible are revealed when digital data is scanned. Attracting attention as a new method of promotion using digital technology, AR technology is already used on a commercial basis in some businesses. In this product, AR has been adopted for use in a card game. The AR technology for the Dice-O card game was developed using the expertise of Dai Nippon Printing Co. and Metaio GmbH, a German company. Bandai, Japan’s leading toy maker, teamed up with the two companies to jointly develop the Carddas Reader application for the iPhone. The Dice-O card game is the latest in the Data Carddas series. Released this spring, the cards feature all the Rangers from the Japanese Super Sentai series. Players can create their own team of Rangers before initiating a battle. There are 11 types of cards available with AR digital data.  When a Ranger card is scanned, a video showing the Ranger unleashing his finishing move runs on the iPhone. A card with the Dice-O logo will show a television commercial. This promotion campaign is likely to attract not only children but also grown-up iPhone users who are fans of the Japanese superheros. For details, visit: or download the app from the japanes app store:


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